Does It Work?

Drug tests are performed to check whether someone has recently used different types of drugs. For instance, an employer might carry out background checks before hiring a person, which could mean performing a drug test. An employer may also perform random drug tests to individuals working in a company to determine whether they adhere to rules and laws. Athletes are also tested for performance enhancing drugs to ensure fair competition.

How Does a Failed Drug test Impact on Employment?

If a company insists on carrying out drug tests, then failing the test could mean lack of employment. In some regions, it is mandatory for companies to perform tests every now and then. In most cases, the tests are totally unannounced and often catch employees off guard. In bizarre cases, failing drug tests could actually land you in jail. If you are lucky, you get a warning and continue working at the company.

Can You Pass a Drug Test if You’ve Recently Used a Prohibited Drug?

With so much at stake, passing a drug test is very important for most people. But is there a way to pass a drug test? According to the internet, this is actually possible. There is a wide range of products and techniques out there meant to help you pass your next random test. Some of these techniques are said to work within days, allowing you to heal over the weekend and pass that test on Monday.

When you have prior notice, you can actually find ways to beat the test. For starters, it is important that you find out the kind of drug test they will be performing. The most common methods are blood and saliva tests. The simplicity of the saliva test makes it the easiest to perform since it only requires a swab inside your cheeks. If you’ve recently used drugs, then this method is likely to pick it up.

Blood testing involves drawing blood and taking it to a lab for testing. This method usually means trouble since it will detect drug use for up to weeks before. Other common methods of drug testing are hair and urine tests. The hair follicle tests involve checking hair strands for the presence of drugs in the body. This test is hard to beat since any traces of drugs in your body remain in your hair for weeks to come.

How to Pass A Drug Test

The best way to pass a drug test is by simply staying away from drugs but if you ever find yourself in trouble, then these methods may come in handy.

Wait for the drug to wear out naturally — Alcohol is known to wear out after a few hours with little to no effort. Some water and plenty of rest will usually do the trick. If they are testing for alcohol and other simple drugs, then chances are that it will have worn out by the end of the weekend.

Urban Legends and Fate — You probably have friends that have come up with techniques of their own to pass drug tests. If you are desperate, then you will find this information from your friends very helpful. However, with so many home remedies to choose from, deciding which to go for can be confusing. This involves luck and you shouldn’t be too optimistic.

Science — Technology has advanced over the past few years and you can find scientific ways to detoxify and rid your system of any drugs.

Products such as Test Clear promise proven drug test solutions for almost anyone. According to their website, their methods are tested and proven to work on different drugs.

Test Clear has been around for 7 years now and offers different solutions to people with different needs. They offer packages such as; the One Day Detox Program which is meant to clear out traces of drugs in just 24 hours, Marijuana Drug Test Kit which clears traces of marijuana from the system, and the 10 Day Detox Program among others.

Test Clear also sells drug test kits similar to those used by law enforcement. If you are worried about failing a test, you can get a heads up by performing the test at home on your own. Click here for more information.

Again, you can avoid all this trouble by simply staying away from drugs.